Contractor - What Next

Following the completion and submission of your contractor application form it will be entered into our database and a copy emailed to you.

You may edit or delete a previously submitted application at any time by logging in.

All submitted applications will either be assessed following submission or immediately following the application closing date should one apply.

Only applicants that make our short list or be of particular interest to us will be contacted.

Making our short list means that you have been grouped into a specific pool of applicants who exhibit the traits required to progress onto the last stage.

The last stage is an informal interview which will be conducted for both parties to become acquainted and answer questions.

Should you be successfully selected by Q CLEAN as a contract cleaner the following will be required:

  • Information and documentation (business and personal) to verify your application.
  • Successful completion of a Queensland Police criminal history check.
  • Sighting of vehicle, cleaning equipment and consumables.
  • Off-site training (for a minimum of 1 session).
  • On-site training (for a minimum of 1 service).
  • Probation period of 3 months.

If successful and pending completion of the probation period additional work can be sourced in your specified catchment area.

If you were unsuccessful do not despair as there are times when short listed applicants for various reasons are called upon shortly afterwards.


As a contractor with Q CLEAN for 2.5 years I can say I have enjoyed an excellent working relationship. Q CLEAN has a professional approach in the knowledge, ethics and staff support to the cleaning industry.

Jeffrey Senior
Contract Cleaner